About Gabor Privé

We are a luxury brand born from the affluence of Dubai, offering a hand curated selection of fragrances from Ramona Gabor herself, that evoke the feelings of passion, exuberance, and boldness of the Middle East. Discover how Gabor Prive Dubai celebrates not only luxury, but life itself with its exotic and private collection. It’s for those men and women who have left everything behind to follow their dreams and lead lives ruled by fearlessness and exhilaration. Our grand perfume collection includes alluring notes to make each day a breathtaking experience, to desire achieving the impossible, or even to try your luck at its hand. The names of each perfume are meant to induce a certain kind of familiarity with the emotions felt, bringing out inner-confidence, reminding you whatever it is that you wholeheartedly desire in life, you can have. Gabor believes that there is nothing greater, and more powerful than the utmost belief in oneself to make all dreams come true, which is reflected in each fragrance. Experience and confide in the everlasting luxury of Dubai through our exclusive private blends of aromatic palates and oriental notes.